About us

Arbraska is an unrivaled activity to do with family or friends, it is a way to experience strong sensations in direct contact with nature and it is the opportunity to have a spectacular view near the sea. city.

Notre histoire

  • 2001

    It all started in 2001, when Jean-Marie Bévillard arrived in Québec. After signing up for an entrepreneurship course spearheaded by Stéphane Vachon, Jean-Marie was asked to draw up a business plan on a project of his choice.

    A native of Grenoble, France, submitting a business plan for an outdoor fitness and adventure park was a perfect fit. Extremely popular back in his homeland, he recognized its potential here in Québec. Totally stoked by the concept, Stéphane and he became partners and soon their project literally got off the ground.

  • 2002

    The very first Arbraska Park opened in Rawdon in June 2002, in the Lanaudière region. That’s where treetop trekking adventure parks all began!

  • 2004

    In the early days of high-rise adventure parks in Quebec, a second Arbraska park was created in 2004, in the city of Rigaud.


  • 2006

    An Ontario division of Arbraska called Treetop Trekking was founded in 2006. Treetop Trekking then became the first aerial climbing company to set up in Ontario, another great accomplishment from the creators. The division currently has more than six locations and is still growing!

  • 2007

    It was in 2007 that the Arbraska Mont-Saint-Grégoire site was created. A maple forest is thus transformed from a campground to a playground for young and old alike. Arbraska thus continues its mission by offering new routes where visitors come to recharge their batteries and surpass themselves by living the adventure in the trees

  • 2010

    Arbraska Rawdon wins the gold winner of the Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois for the best leisure and outdoor company in Quebec!

  • 2012

    In 2012, the Arbraska family grew with the Arbraska Duchesnay franchise 30 minutes from Quebec City, very close to Lake Saint-Joseph.

  • 2013

    It was in 2013 that Laflèche Park opened its doors.

  • 2017

    Arbraska has not stopped innovating for over 10 years and has recently opened an events division. This division aims to boost events and festivals in Quebec in addition to allowing everyone to live the Arbraska experience, no matter where they are! In addition, the Village Arbre-en-Ciel was born in 2017 in two parks in Quebec. This new activity offered to toddlers fills the hearts of young and old alike.

  • 2019

    Arbraska is getting a makeover with a brand new visual identity! Moreover, the new Chauveau Park (formerly Sarbaya) is emerging very close to Quebec City.

  • 2021

    In 2021, the Arbraska family will grow even further with the addition of a second franchise: Arbraska Shawinigan. It is located on the island of Melville, on the Saint-Maurice river.

    In addition, the construction of two new innovative projects is underway in Arbraska Mont-Saint-Grégoire.

    • L’Arbre-En-Ciel, already present in Rigaud and Rawdon, will be a new network of perched houses in which children can roam.
    • The Wondernet / Parcabout, Arbraska Mont-Saint-Grégoire will be the first to accommodate these huge nets, slides, ladders, etc.

About Arbraska

Arbraska is an unparalleled activity to share with family or friends. It’s about experiencing thrills and excitement in a deep nature setting.  And it’s also an opportunity to admire a spectacular view, close to a town or city near you.


Our parks offer a treetop trekking experience for both tall and small, in complete safety. Kids age 5 and up are invited to climb, slide, jump and simply have loads of fun! Arbraska is all about laughter, supporting one another and creating quality family time.


Our extreme courses are a genuine playground for thrill-seeking adults and teens. Our trained guides are always present to make your park visit a truly enjoyable experience.

The Arbraska tribe promises you thrilling sensations without compromising your safety. Our guides are always present to facilitate your visit to our parks.

Go beyond your limits, stimulate all your senses and treat yourself to a privileged contact with nature. Spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones while enjoying the benefits of being active on your body and mind. Our activities develop self-control, dizziness and balance, as well as concentration and surpassing oneself in complete safety. It’s the subtle balance between zen and excitement.

    13 aerial adventure parks and many more to come

    About a hundred dynamic and passionate employees

    Over 120,000 visitors each year and first


  • Remain the leader among treetop trekking adventures and nature parks ‒ both in Québec and Ontario ‒ by way of an extensive multi-activity lineup. Our Arbraska team proudly crafts custom adventures for everyone, where self-surpassment and emotion take centre stage.
  • Focus on continuous growth to preserve Arbraska’s current ranking as industry leader.
  • Develop new outdoor sports activities that are nature-friendly, playful and life-changing.
  • Promote meaningful, community-first values.
  • Enrich the communities and enhance the assorted environments that Arbraska parks call home.
  • Develop lasting partnerships with local and regional players and businesses.


  • Environmental protection
  • Joie de vivre and laughter
  • Respect for others
  • Authenticity
  • Hunger for real emotions
  • Spending time in the great outdoors
  • Relaxation
  • Commitment to a grassroots community development


“The forest is our workplace, and we are mindful of it in every way.”


All our installations are built to reflect our deep respect for the environment: Platforms, decks and games are set up to avoid damaging the trees and other natural elements.

    Environmental protection

    The discovery of true nature

    The joy of living and respect for others

    The authenticity and the taste of real emotions

    Bring the outdoors and relaxation to life

    Be socially involved in our community