Laflèche Cave

Set out on an underground adventure in the Canadian Shield’s biggest visited cave. You’ll meet bats and plunge into total darkness for several minutes

Laflèche cave

Leave no rock unturned as you explore the cave’s best-kept-secrets, on a tour of your choice: Discovery Tour, Explorer Tour, Geological Tour and why not, a Cave Sleepover!

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Discovery Tour

An expert guide explains the history of the cave via a string of anecdotes and mysteries. For ten years now, speleologists have been exploring the cavern further, looking for more tunnels and hidden rooms. FYI, the temperature in the cave is constant, averaging at about 4°C.


Duration: 1 hr

Minimum age: 5


Explorer Tour

Like a real explorer, pull on your headlamp-mounted helmet and follow the guide! Spelunking tells a 20,000 year-old story, and introduces you to speleology or the science of exploring underground cavities. Welcome all adventurers, but beware claustrophobia sufferers! Remember to bring a change of clothing!


Duration: 2 hrs

Minimum age: 8

Maximum number of participants: 8


Geological Tour

Specially tailored for school outings or field trips and meeting all curriculum requirements, the Geological Tour is the perfect activity for curious young minds. Equipped with a headlamp-mounted helmet, learn more about geological phenomenae on a narrated tour with a trained guide. You’ll live an incredible interactive experience, in an exceptional environment. Choose your tour level: Elementary/primary, high-school/secondary or university.