Universe of Nets

Jump from one adventure to another in a suspended world composed of a universe of nets and a village in the trees at the foot of the Mont Saint-Grégoire

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Frequently Asked Questions


How should we dress?

To fully enjoy the uplå experience, it is highly recommended to follow these clothing guidelines:


Pants and leggings

Highly recommended to reduce the risk of skin irritation on the nets if you fall or slip


Long sleeves

Highly recommended to reduce the risk of skin irritation on the nets if you fall or slip.


On the slides

Tuck your sweater into your pants/leggings to reduce the risk of skin irritation on the nets when sliding.



Do not wear jewellery (earrings, watches, bracelets) on the uplå site to ensure your safety and that of others. We highly recommend leaving your jewelry in a safe place before arriving on-site.



Closed shoes are mandatory. Sandals and flip flops are strictly prohibited.


Backpacks and purses

Do not carry backpacks or purses when climbing the nets. Give them to a member of your group or leave them in a safe place before arriving at the uplå site.


Should we bring a water bottle or bottle of water?

Yes! Hydration is important during the activity, so we recommend that you bring a water bottle with you. You can fill it on-site. If you forget your water bottle, you can buy beverages at the Érablière Charbonneau sugar shack located across the street.


Can we eat on-site?

There are picnic tables in the park where you can eat during your reserved time slot. You can also purchase food at the Érablière Charbonneau sugar shack and eat there before or after your reserved time slot.

What is the minimum age required to jump on the trampolines?

To protect the safety of children under 3 years old, the trampolines are not recommended. If you wish to jump with your child, please accompany him or her at all times. Reserve a less busy time slot. Jump in a less crowded area of ​​the trampolines to reduce the risk of accidents


How long is the uplå experience?

2 hours


What is the maximum weight allowed?

113 kg / 250 lbs


What is the park address?

45 Chemin du sous-bois, Mont-Saint-Grégoire (Québec) J0J 1K0


What is your cancellation policy?

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