About Trekking Group

Quebec company that shines all over the world!

We build adventure

Since 2002, we have constructed and operated our own network of successful adventure parks and nature

attractions in Canada, and have shared our knowledge by building adventure parks for a long list of owner-operators around the world.

We have a passion for creating lasting memories through imaginative and exciting outdoor experiences. Our physical and life-changing personal growth activities offer healthy excitement for families, adults, and kids looking to push their limits.

We help resorts, national, provincial, and state parks, conservation authorities, city event planners, private landowners, and others to custom design, build and maintain the highest quality adventure-at-heights projects.

As North America’s leader in zipline and aerial game parks and unique forest adventures, we continually improve the quality of our experiences and raise the standards for safety and staff training. Providing adventurous people with new and exciting ways to experience nature is how we bring everyone closer together.

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Operator of 13 Successful Adventure Parks

  • Ontario, Canada

    • Barrie – 2006 
    • Ganaraska – 2012 
    • Huntsville – 2012 
    • Brampton – 2013 
    • Stouffville – 2014 
    • Hamilton – 2019 
  • Québec, Canada

    • Rawdon – 2002 
    • Rigaud – 2004 
    • Mont-Saint-Grégoire – 20067 
    • Duchesnay – 2012 
    • Laflèche – 2013 
    • Chauveau – 2019  
  • Floride, États-Unis

    • Daytona Beach  2018 

Plus 9 Franchise Parks

  • Québec, Canada 

    • Mirabel 
    • Drummondville 
    • Lac-Mégantic 
    • Havelock 
    • Rouyn-Noranda 
    • Duchesnay
    • Shawinigan
  • Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada 

    • Mactaquac 
    • Moncton 

The activities

  • Aerial Adventure Parks

    Take fun to the highest level

    We have constructed over 30 aerial adventure parks in Canada and the United States.

    After almost 20 years of operating our own adventure parks, we apply our experience and firsthand knowledge to design and build for our clients. We can customize to suit your terrain and vision and you can be involved as much or as little as you like in the process. We will make it a reality.

    Our projects are works of art in the trees that provide years of fun and adventure. Wearing climbing harnesses and

    helmets, guests climb high in the treetops to navigate a series of wooden bridges, net walkways, balance logs, ziplines, and much more. The varying challenge levels available will keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Treewalk Village

    Discovering the forest is child’s play

    This unique adventure park for kids of all ages delivers fun with an exceptional return on your investment.

    This activity lets kids explore a magical forest filled with treehouses, elevated walkways, ramps, slides, and other adventures. No two treewalk villages are the same and our experienced team of designers and builders bring out the magic in each property.

    The centerpiece is a network of colorful treehouses connected by 12-foot tall hammock nets, ramps, and slides. Young adventurers are enclosed entirely, so there is no need for safety harnesses. A treewalk village can also have tunnels, mini obstacle courses, giant nets, and other stand-alone activities.

  • Wondernet Adventures

    Defying gravity while walking on air

    Imagine a huge net complex secured to trees, rocks, or buildings, where everyone can explore and play freely without a harness. Customized modules

    can include massive net trampolines, walkways, tunnels, slides, and rope ladders. Our structures are designed to fascinate adults and children, challenge minds, stimulate continuous movement and develop problem-solving skills.

    Developed in France, the unique netting fiber gives the structures extraordinary strength and requires next to no maintenance. It’s an amazing experience feeling the sensation of walking without gravity!

    The Trekking Group is the exclusive North American distributor of Wondernet parks, the pioneer and industry leader in this field.

  • Via Ferrata Cliff Trekking

    The ultimate rock climbing and mountaineering experience

    Turn just about any rock face on your property into an unforgettable, extreme mountaineering experience that will attract guests from near and far. Challenging

    and adventurous fun in a completely safe environment.

    With over 30 years of experience, our sister company, Prisme is the world leader in Via Ferrata design and construction. It’s a fun and safe activity that perfectly complements aerial adventure parks, nature parks or creates summer business at ski resorts.

  • Suspended Walkways

    The suspense is thrilling

    A suspension bridge or suspended walkway is an unforgettable way to experience nature in a fun and safe setting. We build wide and stable bridges to bring large numbers of adventure seekers to remote viewpoints and otherwise unseen vistas.

    On a mountainside, across a river gorge, deep in a canyon,

    in a wooded area or on any exposed rock face, it’s going to be a huge draw for your business.

  • Event Ziplines

    Exhilarating adventures in the forest or downtown

    Adventurers of all ages enjoy ziplining. We have designed, built, and operated temporary ziplines in all four seasons at world-class events such as the 2015 Pan American Games, Montreal’s Festival en Lumiere, and many others. Outdoor or indoor, whether you have an existing structure such as a

    building or bridge, or no structure at all, we can bring a zipline to your event.

  • Ziplines and Zipline Tours

    Everyone wants to ride a zipline

    Whether you imagine an exhilarating zipline tour in a forest setting or a stand-alone zipline in a city center, we have the experience and creative passion to make your vision a reality.

    Our designs are truly works of art and our construction style can be customized to blend with the surroundings. We use the latest technology to ensure our ziplines are low maintenance, easy to operate, and extremely safe.

  • Urban Aerial Adventures

    Conquer the urban jungle from above

    We are one of North America’s most experienced builders of aerial adventures. With knowledge and firsthand experience, we assure your urban adventure is innovative, easy to operate, and unforgettable for visitors.

    Opportunities include city tower climbs, scaling the side of a bridge, ziplining between buildings, or setting up an entire urban adventure park. We’ve done it all. There’s a building, structure, or space in your city that’s destined to become

    a major tourist attraction!

Challenge Equipment Outfitters

Our partner in adventure gear.

We are proud to partner with Challenge Equipment Outfitters (CEO), which distributes the most advanced adventure technologies and gear in North America. This is where we and our clients find equipment ideally suited to optimize any adventure experience!

Based in North America, CEO ships worldwide, and together we offer the most competitive pricing to assure you get exactly what you need, for less.

From Via Ferrata and aerial adventure parks to amusement parks and outdoor/indoor activities, Challenge Equipment Outfitters is the source for the latest adventure park gear. You can place a custom order or choose from the long list of items in the online catalog.



  • Harnesses and safety equipment
  • Ascenders / descenders
  • Belay devices, pulleys, ropes
  • Carabiners / connectors
  • Gloves, helmets, lanyards
  • Rescue equipment

The gear offered comes from the world’s most innovative brands

  • Kanopeo
  • Petzl
  • Edelrid
  • Beal
  • Kong
  • Headrush
  • Sterling Rope

Inspections and maintenance

We work behind the scenes so you can focus on the business.

Our team of zipline mechanics, builders, and craftsmen take all the worry out of park maintenance. The cutting-edge construction techniques and premier materials we use to make sure every job is done right.

We perform small or large repairs to keep your park up and running or catch any maintenance issues before they become a problem.

Our one-time or regular monthly inspections will give you the peace of mind to know that your park is safe for guests.


Put our experience to work for you.

With over two decades of experience operating our own network

of highly successful adventure parks, we know what it takes to operate a profitable and efficient business. If ever you need help, we deliver the highest quality customer service and efficient operations, in a safe and fun environment.

Contact us today to discuss operational partnership options for your specific needs and goals.

Design and construction

If we build it, they will come.

We use our two decades of experience in the aerial park industry

to provide a turnkey zipline or aerial game park that you can operate yourself. Our team works to lead you through the planning and construction phase as quickly and easily as possible.

Our experts will work with you every step of the way to build a park that surpasses expectations and ensures your vision becomes a reality.

Our reputation is also yours

Associate yourself with a premier visitor experience.

Treetop Trekking is more than a brand, it is

the name most widely used by the public when referring to zipline adventure parks in general. The Treetop Trekking name is associated with fun and challenging parks, friendly and energetic staff, and an outstanding safety record.

Connecting your business with the Treetop Trekking brand positions your park ahead of the competition and confirms our shared values :

  • Guest safety
  • Protection and discovery of nature
  • Joie de vivre and respect for others
  • Excitement and challenge in a supportive environment
  • Authenticity in experiencing new emotions