Q & A

  • What is Arbraska?

    Arbraska is first and foremost a course in the trees! Equipped with complete and safe climbing equipment, you can have fun moving from tree to tree on our many courses made up of zip lines, Tarzan ropes, monkey bridges and more. Our courses are laid out at different heights and at varying levels of difficulty. But Arbraska is more than just tree trails!

  • What are the different activities offered?

    Trekking in the trees is our specialty, but it doesn’t stop there!

    We also offer several activities in nature for the whole family. We offer you:

    • Tree course Night course
    • GPS rally Via Ferrata (outdoor rock climbing. Rawdon only)
    • Team building for work, schools or sports teams

    For more information on our activities, you can consult the activity section of the site.

  • Do we have to take a reservation?

    Yes, reservations are mandatory to come and have fun with us. We have a limited amount of equipment and need to make sure there is equipment for you. Payment will be required upon reservation, online or by phone, with a credit card.

  • How can we reserve?

    To book, you can click on the BOOK NOW icon located at the top right of the screen. You can also call 1 877 886-5500, then choose the option associated with the park of your choice or even call the park directly. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make your reservation.

  • How long does the activity last?

    The activity of the courses in the trees lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes. The first half hour will be used for the installation of the equipment and the initiation period, where you will be explained the safety rules of the park and the operation of your equipment. Then during the following 3 hours, you will have access to all the courses in the trees for which you meet the age or height criteria.

  • What is the minimum age?

    The minimum age is 5 years old. Then, the older the child, the more routes he will have access to during the 3 hours of activity.

  • How should we dress?

    We advise you to wear comfortable clothes (pants or Bermuda shorts, sweaters covering the entire waist), closed and tied shoes (no sandals are accepted). Long hair should be tied back at all times.

  • What should I bring?

    All the equipment you need to participate in the activity is provided. In addition to a comfortable outfit, we suggest that you bring with you a water bottle that can be attached to a harness using a carabiner, gloves and mosquito repellent, which are also all for sale on site.

  • Do we have to fill out a risk form?

    All of our visitors must complete a Risk Acceptance Form (RAF) before performing any activities. The FAR informs you of the physical and psychological conditions to be observed as well as the dangers relating to the activity. You can print it out below and bring it with you already completed to your activity, or fill it out manually when you arrive at Arbraska.

  • Are the activities monitored?

    A guide will be in charge of giving you the initiation period explaining the safety rules and the operation of the equipment, and taking you through an initiation course. Once the rules are well understood, you will be able to progress in the courses independently, with supervision carried out by the guides at ground level or in the courses.

  • What happens if it rains?

    At Arbraska, it’s rain or shine! The rain does not prevent the practice of activities, which are just as safe in the rain. However, in case of lightning, thunderstorms or high winds, we will have to close the courses until it passes, then you can go back to having fun! If this is the case, there is no refund for the period of time you have been arrested.

  • Can the children do the tree trails alone?

    Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult throughout the activity. Visitors between the ages of 14 and 18 require the signature of an adult of full age on their Risk Attestation Form (FAR). Parents not wishing to do the activity can accompany their children from the ground free of charge.