Corporate Adventures

Re-unite your team and face the new normal together.

It's time to reconnect with your team!

We know your team has been through a lot, but now is the time to reconnect and restart with our unforgettable experiences in nature. Find us among the 6 branches in Ontario and 5 in Quebec.

Team Building Adventures

  • Fun in-the-Trees Aerial Trek

    Release your team’s potential during our exciting half day aerial park tour.

    Our zipline & aerial game courses are the perfect way for covid weary friends and colleagues to reconnect and release some energy in a refreshing forest setting!

    Support and encourage each other as you navigate a series of aerial courses filled with games like suspension bridges, net walkways, balance logs, and ziplines. Course difficulty ranges from beginner to expert so there is something for everyone.

    Time: 3.5 hours

Nature Based Corporate Wellness Experiences

  • Forest Bathing

    Connect with nature.

    In this mindful and refreshing primordial walk, your private guide points out interesting flora and fauna as they lead your group along forest pathways. Relax, release, and reconnect with nature as you focus in on the sounds, smells and sights of nature.


    Time: 2 hours

  • GPS Rally

    Discover nature from a new angle!

    With the help of a GPS unit, find clues in the forest and solve riddles to locate waypoints. This peaceful activity provides the perfect means to experience the benefits of being in nature and connecting with others.


    Time: 2 hours

  • Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

    Explore the forest with a private guide and reconnect with colleagues and friends in this fun and creative nature focused scavenger hunt.

    Your Guide will capture polaroid pictures of your group accomplishing all the tasks, and are fun take-aways!


    Time: 2 hours

  • Mindful Photography Forest Walk

    View nature through a new lens during this calming and peaceful forest experience.

    Reactivate your creative side and empty your mind of all else, the camera becomes the means to let go and be fully immerse.


    Time: 2 hours