Adventure and Discovery

Eco-Odyssée Nature Park

During your journey through the marsh, you will experience the environment from a beaver perspective. In fact, aboard your boat, you will be just above the water surface, which will focus your field of vision to the labyrinths edges, putting you directly in contact with plants and wildlife located there.

Adventure and Discovery package

$52,50 + taxes per person
Available for booking starting Mai 22nd, 2021


The package include:


  • Canoe adventure at the Eco-Odyssée Nature Park for a maximum of 2 hours. Discover one third of the Eco-Odyssey water labyrinth, located in the heart of a marsh. You will leave with a map of your journey, and you will have to identify between 4 to 6 clues during your journey, all without getting lost!
  • Access to the adult course, the summit at Arbraska Laflèche, lasting 3h30.


Arrival time:

9:30 am: Eco-Odyssée Nature Park

1 pm: Arbraska Laflèche


* Light meal available at the Eco-Odyssée Nature Park (not included in the package)



Please contact us at 1 877 886-5500 or by email at

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    Valid for 2021 season

  • Booking required 48h in advance

  • Available only at Arbraska Laflèche