Rafting & Arbraska

Rafting Nouveau Monde

For a perfect rafting day in the Red River! Recognized worldwide as being one of the best rafting rivers in the world, the Rouge River allows you to choose your descent, from quiet to extreme!

Rafting Nouveau Monde package - La Rafale

2021 season $110 + taxes per person


The package include:


  • La Rafale êxtreme course (3hrs) at Arbraska Rigaud 
  • A unique rafting experience (2 hours) at Newworld Rafting
    A rafting descent lasting from 1h30 to 2h00. (Rafting equipment: helmet, paddle, life jacket are provided)
  • Picture of the Rafting expedition
  • Acces to the following facilities (swimming pool, whirlpool baths, volleyball court)





  •  $110 + taxes per person


Arriving time:

9 AM: Arbraska Rigaud

1:15 PM: Rafting Nouveau monde



Call us at our toll free number 1 877 886-5500-ext.:3  or contact Rafting Nouveau Monde at 800 361-5033 | https://newworld.ca/

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    Valid for 2021 season

  • Booking required

  • Available at Rigaud only